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Full-Service Telecommunications Specialists

Located in Mansfield, OH since 1989, we’ve been proudly providing state-of-the-art communication systems and products for businesses of all verticals. Our basis is simple. We build everything on cutting-edge engineering and excellent service. All of our products we install, maintain, and repair are derivatives of our core beliefs of business. We repair and remanufacture all communication systems and components with pinpoint accuracy and dependability. Contact us today to set up and install your communications systems or conduct emergency repairs.

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Affordable and Effective Systems

We believe in maximizing synergy within our company, which, in turn, helps you out with your communication needs. In order to do this, our corporate office is located in the same facility as our engineering and repair departments. Our 45,000 square foot facility in Mansfield, OH allows us the flexibility we need to better serve your business with expert telecommunications services. Our team works diligently to provide products and services functioning both in the design portion and real-world situations. You want to be able to effectively use your communications system and have them look sleek, too. Additionally, we sell both new and refurbished communications systems and components. No matter your needs, chances are, we’ve handled it before, and we can deliver the same satisfactory service to your company at an affordable rate.

Personalized Communication Services

Join our vast list of satisfied customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local mom and pop shops. In fact, you may be currently using DTE Inc. equipment at your office and not even know it. We’ve been around for years servicing, repairing, and restructuring communication equipment. We got our start as a small repair company, servicing telecommunications equipment for major retailers through third parties. We then saw the importance of dealing directly with our customers and the impact that held. Establishing a relationship between our clients allows us to tweak our products to perfectly tailor to your specific needs, no matter how complicated they may be. This also helps you reduce your telecom budget and time deliberating on how much and what type of service you need. By cutting out the middleman, we’re able to deliver you a more personalized experience while saving you money along the way. Let’s work together on establishing your business’s phone and communication system requirements. We can form an experience that will let you to effectively share information effortlessly and affordably together. Call us today to get started.

Upgrade Your Systems Today